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Tantra Massage Valencia

A Treat you will never forget

Tantra Massage in Valencia

A Treat you will never forget


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An Adventure into Sensuality,
Intimacy and Energy

Our sensual Tantra massage vitalizes, enlivens and relaxes body, mind and soul. It is a special sensual experience for men and women, soothing and an invitation to relax body and soul deeply. A Tantra massage does not exclude anything, it is an invitation to discover oneself. With Tantra massages, new spaces can open up into entrenched relationships. Quite often, partners are not really satisfied. However, it cannot be talked about openly, let alone changed. Tantra offers the space here, an inspiring opportunity for change.


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“This was the best massage I ever had”


June 2022

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“It was my first Tantramassage and I was scared to come to the right place.

The room, the music, the atmosphere – everything was perfect. As soon as you opened the door and I looked into your face and your smile, I knew I was in the right place. Thank you!”


January 2022

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“Sensationell. This was a very beautiful experience. Thank you very much!”


July 2022

Our Offers

Our massages are sensual full body massages with warm oil, body to body and lingam massage (intimate massage) included.
We offer Prostate massage on request for additional costs.

The price includes a small pre- and post-talk with a water or juice, shower before and after massage and a a relaxed rest period.
Kimono, shower gel, towels etc. will be provided.

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Tantra Massage

with 1 Masseuse 

1.5 hr. Tantra Massage ………………… 140€
2 hr. Tantra Massage ………………… …190 €

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Double Massage

with 2 Masseuses

1.5 hr. Tantra Massage ………………… 280
2 hr. Tantra Massage ………………….. 340

erotic massage tantra valencia

Sensual Foot Massage

Enjoy the Touch of  a Woman’s Feet

1,5 hrs Tantra Foot Massage ………. 170 €
2 hrs Tantra Foot Massage …….……. 220 €

Soft Bondage Ritual

Experience the Thrill of Blindfold
and Bondage

1,5 hrs Soft Bondage Massage ….…. 180 €
2 hrs Soft Bondage Massage ………. 230 €

couple Tantra Massage valencia

Couple Massage

An Adventure with your Partner
Discover a new intimacy 

1,5 hrs Soft Bondage Massage ……. 180 €
2 hrs Soft Bondage Massage …….…. 230 €

The Art of Tantra Touch

Workshop: Learn the Art of
Tantra Massage

2 hrs Art of Touch Workshop …..….  380 €
2,5 hrs Art of Touch Workshop .….  450 €

Tantra Massage Valencia
close to Playa de la Malvarrosa

Come back to your inner balance.
A nourishment for Body and Soul.

Our Tantra massages are invitations to relax and let go of any expectations. One reason why Tantra is also helpful for potency problems. Tantra massages are unintentional. There is no must and no goal. The man or woman can enjoy in complete relaxation, loving touches, especially the body-to-body part.

The woman is encouraged and supported by Tantra massages to recognize her needs and to develop her sexual experience freely. Without the influence of her partner, the woman gets to know her body better. She experiences a deep relaxation and satisfaction on the physical, energetic and emotional level.

In the beautiful ambience of our Tantra Massage Studio in Valencia you can take a holiday from your everyday life and experience healing, magical moments and completely new experiences with relaxed music and candlelight. Make an appointment by phone or email. Our Ocean team will advise you openly and lovingly about our offers and the course of our Ocean Tantra Massages.

We look forward to your visit! 

Ocean Tantra

Tantra Massage Studio Valencia
close to Playa de la Malvarrosa


Phone/WhatsApp: +34 635 621 993

Tantra Massage valencia

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